The main attraction of Valdoviño is its beaches. Over 25 km of coastline with sandy shores to suit all preferences. Each of them possesses an immeasurable natural beauty. An enviable place for water sports enthusiasts and also for those who enjoy the beach with family or simply strolling.


A Frouxeira

With over 3.5 km of white sand and open sea, A Frouxeira is always a spectacle. The beach is perfect for walking while contemplating the waves. The Valdoviño lagoon is separated from the beach by an extraordinary dune cord. Together with the sandy area, it forms an environmental ensemble of international importance, protected by numerous conservation designations (Natura Network, ZEPA Zone, Ramsar Convention). Link to more information

The part closest to the town of Valdoviño has all the amenities and a wide range of dining options. This area is the busiest, and it features a large rock called ‘A Percebelleira,’ adding more scenic appeal to the beach. For those who prefer tranquility, undoubtedly, the areas of Lago and Meirás, at the other end of the sandy area, are quieter, less crowded, with good access and parking facilities.


Pantín O Rodo

The quintessential surf destination in Galicia. A pilgrimage site for surfers worldwide due to its famous right-hand wave. It hosts one of the most prestigious events for the World Surf League, the renowned ‘Pantin Classic. Link to the event

It is also a family-friendly beach where everyone can enjoy a wide range of services and hospitality. The beach has a length of approximately 1 km and is bordered by a dune system and a reed bed where legend has it that a village called ‘Lucerna’ is buried.


O Baleo

Very close to O Rodo Beach, where the Pantín Classic is held, you’ll find O Baleo Beach, which is less crowded. It is visited by surfers and families looking for a quieter area.



It is the least wavy beach on the Valdoviño coast. On clear and sunny days, it is a colorful spectacle with its crystal-clear and calm waters in turquoise blue. It is often the preferred beach for families with young children due to its gentle waves and shelter from the wind.

This beach is located in the same estuary as Cedeira and is flanked by the mouths of the Ferrerías and As Mestas rivers on either side of the sandy area, giving it a very unique shape.



Surrounded by vertical cliffs, Campelo Beach is located at the foot of the mountain of the same name. From this sandy area, a path leads to the beaches of Ponzos and Santa Comba in the municipality of Ferrol. The beach is small, and at high tide, it is almost completely devoid of sand.

Access is through stairs, making it less convenient for families with very young children. However, surf enthusiasts find in this beach one of the shores with the best orientation and stronger waves.

Castro de Frádigas Rural House

The location of this house is exceptional, both for its views of the sea from practically any location in the house and the garden, and for its proximity to the beaches of Pantín, Vllarrube and Baleo.


Castro de Crecente Rural House

Our accommodation is located in a natural environment and very close to beaches where you can practice water sports or simply relax with your family or friends.